Full Stack Engineer

Full Stack Engineer

10 jun
Sonatafy Technology | Nearshore Software Development

10 jun

Sonatafy Technology | Nearshore Software Development


We are doing great things at Sonatafy, come join us!

Our requirements are pretty simple, be professional, be driven to continuously improve your skills and domain knowledge, and be ready to have fun. We know work can be hard and it is important to us that we build teams that help each other to learn, grow as engineers and developers, and create the working life that makes coming to work each day worth it. Come do great things!

Good Luck!

## We are only hiring Mexican Citizens at this time ##

Are you a talented software developer with experience writing applications for the web and a drive to continue learning and improving. Do you actively contribute to a team environment and solve problems together.

Do you stay up to date on the latest trends and technologies via news articles, online courses and training (such as Udacity or Coursera), and tech blogs (maybe you’ve contributed a few articles yourself)? We are looking for someone that enjoys development, creating new things, sharing your work with others, and most importantly, learning new things.


- Work in a team environment to design, develop, document, and improve services and web applications serving the automotive industry in a well-designed and maintainable fashion

- Contribute to anything from a multi-node distributed system, based on a CQRS architecture, processing millions of vehicle records to a real-time system based on cloud technologies for capturing, processing, and delivering leads

- Assist other developers and internal customers to define requirements, perform technical analysis, create implementation and integration plans for new projects, and successfully execute on those plans

- Communicate estimations, delays or unforeseen problems in your line of work

Technologies Used:

- .Net Framework/Core

- C#

- JavaScript/TypeScript

- Vue

- Azure


- ElasticSearch

- Event sourcing/EventStore


Required Skills:

- Bachelor's degree in computer science, software engineer, or related degree, or equivalent experience within the last 3 years

- Strong communication skills, fluent in English

- Strong understanding of SOLID software design principles

- Experience working with package management tools to manage dependencies

- Experience with continuous integration and continuous delivery practices

- Experience with HTTP API services

- Appreciation of the user experience at all points of interaction with the software

Preferable Skills:

- A strong understanding of Object-Oriented Programming

- Adept troubleshooting and debugging techniques to quickly identify incorrect code

- Experienced in working with a team and sharing knowledge to improve processes and efficiency

- Experience working in Agile teams to deliver continuous improvement

- Experience with distributed version control systems and concepts

- Self-motivated to grow and learn in your area of expertise

- Staying observant of needs and sharing your thoughts with your team

What We Offer:

Sonatafy is a growing company of people who love to help our customers to succeed. Our environment is extremely engaging and fast-paced, with dozens of specialties coming together to provide the best possible experiences for our customers. We aim to find qualified people quickly, efficiently interview and test them, and submit them to our customers.

We provide competitive salaries and some of the best perks in the industry, including:

- 100% Remote Work

- 100% Payment Scheme

- Excellent Health Benefits

- Up to 20 Days PTO

- Certification and Career Help

We also hinge our cultural DNA of being in CTRL

- I am CLEAR at what I am doing and what I am expected to be doing

- I am TRANSPARENT in how I am working and moving engagements along

- I am RESPONSIBLE in that I think like an owner and the customer

- I am able to LEAD myself, my team, and our customers to success